Momento Games

Momento Games offers hosting educational events in a casino atmosphere

We provide full service education on various card and rolling dice games in the Baltic region.

Our experienced game hosts who speak fluently in Latvian, English, Russian and Italian, will teach you the rules of the games and tips & tricks, so your clients can get acquainted with the games much faster and participate in the event.

We offer model Pok, model BlackJ, and Roulette game tables made in Latvia.

Our services have been admired by leading IT and insurance companies, event agencies and private clients.

We offer game table rent

If you wish to provide your event with a unique twist, we offer our Latvian made game tables for rent.

Our offer includes our model Pok, model BlackJ, and Roulette game tables which will perfectly fit in your special event.

We design individually requested works of art

Gifts need to be prepared in advance! Momento team can create a unique game table with your custom design just for you in just a week.

To find out more about our pricing and our special seasonal offers, contact us via our contact page.